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Ok all...

Looking to join the 21st century and seeking out a new laptop so I can be one of those irritating people at the cafe using the Wi/Fi while sipping one cup of juice for hours....

What do you recommend?

CAVEAT #1: No New Pricey Mac stuff; sadly budget is a major factor and what one MAcBook would cost is needed on other things presently so dont worry with Apple

CAVEAT #2: No Netbooks; want a real laptop

Thanks everyone!

Date: 2011-03-28 05:31 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Ever heard of USED? Silly man. We just bought a MacBook for my neice for $400 off eBay and it was LOADED.

So, so much for your "Macs are too expensive" bullshit.


Date: 2011-03-28 06:16 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Point taken. Used is a possibility.

Open to suggestions as where to find one

Date: 2011-03-28 09:03 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
We buy Macs all the time. Nick is the IT Mgr at his pre-press job, so he's always buying and selling equipment. Go look around on eBay and if you find something that looks like it'll work for you, email me the link and we'll check it out. Stick to Intel chip Macs to extend their shelf life for OS software. Support for non-Intel Macs has been discontinued. :)

Date: 2011-03-29 01:56 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Like misangeia, I have learned to loe the term "used", as well as "ebay" (and along with ebay, , to only bid what you want at the last minute). I've bought so much good used stuff off of ebay lately that I might need to start selling stuff off to make room.

I haven't bought any computers off of ebay yet, but when I get some money I will. Like Sharkbait, I too like Dells. We bought Dells when I worked at and they were the most trouble-free laptops I have ever evaluated. So I refereed my sister to Dell in 2005 and she has been problem free ever since (much better than the Shuttle Desktop I got for her a few years before). Plus, I have a Dell Lattitude CPi I got from ISS when they were throwing stuff out...(to tell you how old this thing is, Google Dell Lattitude CPi 300 and see how little you can find on the internet)...and it still works!...

Date: 2011-03-29 02:49 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Or...if you are not keen on ordering from ebay, and you are in Atlanta, check out -) (-. I think they have the best prices on both new and used computers and parts. There's one on Jimmy Carter Blvd., one in Marietta, One downtown and one in Alpharetta...

Date: 2011-03-28 11:35 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Over the last 8yrs or so, possibly more, I've had 2 Dell laptops and have had no major issues with either that weren't "operator error" :)

Date: 2011-03-29 07:30 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Ditto except it was 12 years and 3 Latitudes. I still use a PIII Latitude to travel. (I run Linux on it.)

Date: 2011-03-29 08:24 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]

It depends on what you are going to use the laptop for.

If its just for email, web browsing, Office stuff and movie playing. Your standard $500. laptop at Best Buy will do.

Stay away from HP laptops. They take the OS (in this case Windows 7) rip it apart and embed all the HP bloatware into the core OS. It makes it damn near impossible to remove the shit.

I went out and got a $500 acer from Best Buy. It wasn't flashy or anything. Had Windows 7 and 3 gigs of memory and a good sized hard drive. I didn't expect the laptop to even run World of Warcraft at the time, but it did. That was my benchmark at the time.

Yeah there are flashier ones out there with names that seem to come off the side of Egyptian tombs that can paint your walls and pilot the international space station. The real choice of laptops should always come do to this:

"What do YOU want it to do?"
"This is what it can do and more"

Usually those who run the second choice spend large sums of money to get a laptop that can run the uber graphic intensive game and can render 3D images on the fly as well as burn 6 DVD's simultaneously.. Yet they USE the laptop to check their mail and play Bejeweled and Farmville on their facebook account.

Be realistic in your wants and needs and find a computer that can fit it within your budget.

Apple products are simply overrated. Used or not. There is no longer a point to Apple computers, at least for me. I don't create pictures or videos and I don't edit sound. Therefore, the machine is useless to me. Its just a name that tends to bloat it's own value for a computer.

Also, by buying new. You have the option to bring it back if it dies. Warranty's are a wonderful thing. Just saying.


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